Labor Rates & Pick Up and Delivery Pricing

VINCE CHRISTIAN Small Engine Repair Accepts Checks, Cash and Credit Cards

410-443-2779    479-MY-MOWER

Payment is due upon completion of work and must be rendered either before or at time of delivery.

Diagnostic & Troubleshooting is free as long as you are having work performed:                                           
A standard one hour labor rate diagnostic fee applies if repair work is declined after diagnoses

Repair Labor Rates
Hand Operated Equipment:                                                                    $54.95 Per Hour

Riding Mowers:                                                                                     $64.95 Per Hour

VINCE CHRISTIAN Spring/Summer Tune Up Special Pricing

Riding Mowers:                           $194.95
Push Mowers:                             $94.95
Pressure Washers                       $74.95
Weed Trimmer and Leaf Blowers: $54.95
Prices include: Labor, all necessary tune parts and FREE round trip pick up and delivery! 

 Tune Ups Include
1.   Check engine compression
2.   Change oil and oil filter
3.   Check, test and clean gas cap vent
4.   Replace spark plug(s)
5.   Replace air filter
6.   Replace Pre-air filter
7.   Replace or install new fuel filter (Most push mowers do not come equipped with fuel filters when new)
8.   Sharpen or replace blade(s)
9.   Install fuel shut-off valve (If possible)
10. Load test battery to determine overall condition of battery
11. Check battery terminals and cable ends for corrosion
12. Test and check charging system output
13. Grease all grease points
14. Inflate tires to specification (This does not include repairing leaks)
15. Lubricate cables and linkages
16. Adjust cables and linkages
17. Adjust carburetor if necessary / applicable
18. Check condition of cutting deck belt(s)
19. Check and adjust cutting deck level and height
20. Inspect trans axle belt(s)
21. Check and test for proper operation all electrical wiring and components
22. Visual and physical inspection of equipment for, loose, worn or missing parts
22. Test drive equipment

We do not perform pick up and deliveries if it is raining or snowing

We perform pick up and deliveries Monday through Thursday ONLY

Pick up and delivery is free as long as you are having work done after diagnoses

* Maintenance verses Repair: It is important to recognize the difference between the two.

* Maintenance: Is something you should do annually regardless of how your machine is running. This will ensure proper performance throughout the season. 

* Repair: If your equipment is not performing or running properly or a part has worn out then it probably needs some type of repair.

Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Fee Schedule
Is free as long as you are having work performed as diagnoses

One hour diagnostic fee applies respectively if repair work is declined and not performed after diagnosis.
Customer Service Agreement
  1. Payment is due upon completion of work. No equipment will be returned until payment has been made prior to or at the time of delivery. If the customer will not be home at the time of delivery arrangements need to be made for payment to be left somewhere on the premises or made prior to delivery. If payment is not left on the premises the customer's equipment will not be returned and additional delivery fees and storage charges will accrue. We do accept credit cards. Credit card service fees are in addition to the cost of the repair. 
  2. Equipment will remain in the possession of VINCE CHRISTIAN Lawn Mower & Small Engine Repair until payment has been received in full. Storage and late payment fees apply.
  3. A Storage Fee of $10.00 and late payment fee of $20.00 per week will be applied beginning one (1) week after notification has been given to the customer that their equipment has been repaired and is ready for pick up or delivery.
  4. After thirty (30) days, any and all equipment that has not been paid for in full will become the property of VINCE CHRISTIAN Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair and will be sold to cover repair costs, pick up and delivery and storage fees.


    *VINCE CHRISTIAN Small Engine Repair will not be held responsible to inspect any piece of equipment for physical or mechanical defects or damage at time of pick up or upon it being delivered to us as we simply do not have the time. *The plastic hoods and body panels on John Deere riding mowers are especially prone to cracking as they become very brittle over time. With this in mind we always take every precaution when working on these mowers, however, sometimes it is impossible to prevent cracking as we have to remove the hoods and body panels in order to perform repairs. We can not and will not be held responsible if cracking occurs while we are performing needed approved repairs. The customer is solely responsible to note and or bring to the attention of VINCE CHRISTIAN Small Engine Repair the physical condition or defects of any and all equipment prior to pick up or delivery. The customer is solely responsible to remove any and all items from their equipment prior to pick up or delivery. VINCE CHRISTIAN will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of items left on any equipment. Thank You.

    *During the repair process, we inspect all components for wear an tear to the best of our ability. However, items such as but, not limited to: belts, pull cords, pulleys, spindles and any other such components can wear out and/or break at any time. We can not be held responsible should any piece of equipment fail while in our possession. Thank You.

    *The cleaning of equipment is necessary in order to properly inspect mechanical and electrical components. There is no charge for blowing off light grass build up. However, at no time is the cleaning of excessive and or severely compacted grass and dirt off any piece of equipment automatically included in or part of any labor or repair procedure. The cleanliness of any and all equipment is the sole responsibility of the owner and should be performed routinely after each use. If the cleaning of any piece of equipment such as degreasing of the engine or transmission to inspect for leaks or cleaning of excessive or compacted grass and dirt build up off the cutting deck or other body parts to perform inspection or repairs is necessary, the time and materials that it takes to perform said cleaning will be added to the cost of the repair. Please make sure to inspect, run and or test drive your equipment upon delivery after repair. Should you have a concern, do not wait, call us immediately! 
        Thank You Very Much!