At VINCE CHRISTIAN we understand that lawn and garden equipment and  other types of small engine equipment can be costly purchases. As an owner of a lawn mower and several other pieces of small engine equipment myself, I fully understand that finding a professional repair facility that you can trust to perform honest and quality work in a timely manner is an important decision. In light of that, here is a little bit about my  professional background. 

I took an interest in and began working on two and four cycle internal combustion engines thirty years ago after graduation from high school. I started out working at a few privately owned repair shops and eventually went to work for Ford Motor Company at Kline Ford in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I worked there for eight years. At that time that I was offered and accepted a new position as a lead technician and shop supervisor for a best friend of mine who had opened his own auto repair and tire store located on Kent Island.  A few years later, wanting to be closer to his new wife and family, my friend decided to relocate the business back across the bridge to his home town of Clinton. I decided that it was too far for me to drive. So, I took new job as a technician at Koons Ford in Annapolis. After three years at Koons Ford, I was offered and accepted a new position as an Automotive Service Specialist for the Maryland State Police. A year and a half later I decided that I wanted to be a Maryland State Trooper. I applied and was accepted. I entered the police academy in July of 1997 and graduated in December of of that same year. However, while on duty in May of 2005, I was hit by a drunk driver. As a result of my injuries I no longer met the physical requirements set by the state of Maryland for being a trooper and consequently I was retired in 2006. After I retired from the Maryland State Police I decided to open my own small engine repair business because I saw a real need for it in the area in which I live.  

I enjoy giving back to the community, working with my hands, helping people and making new friends. By way of my customers, I am afforded that opportunity and fulfillment. I have approximately 30 years of hands on practical experience working on two and four cycle internal combustion engines, jet skis and utility trailers. I am ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence) in auto mechanics, electronics and electricity. I am accredited through the Community College of Baltimore in Automotive Technology. I also studied at Chesapeake Community College in Wye Mills, Maryland in the areas of electronics and electricity. I have obtained many other certifications via Ford Motor Company and other training facilities ranging from Brake Systems, to Engine Control Systems to Carburetor Systems and beyond. I specialize in repairing two cycle engine equipment, as well as fuel and electrical system related problems on all small engine equipment. 

Please take a look around our website as I hope it answers most if not all of your questions. If you have a question or are ever experiencing trouble with and have a technical question about your lawn mower or other small engine equipment or trailer, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will gladly try and answer your question and or help you fix the problem as best I can over the phone at no charge.

When I'm not working, I enjoying spending time with my son the most, playing my drums, reading, volunteering and doing things outdoors such as biking, jet skiing, hiking and camping. 

By the way, VINCE CHRISTIAN stands for Vince and Christian. Christian is my 6 year old son. He is my inspiration and the most wonderful person in my life! It is my hope that one day he and I will enjoy working together helping others by repairing their small engine equipment, meeting new people and making new friends. 

Thank you very much for considering VINCE CHRISTIAN Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair.

Vince and Christian Squitieri