Labor Rates & Pick Up and Delivery Pricing

VINCE CHRISTIAN Small Engine Repair Accepts Checks, Cash and Credit Cards

Payment is due upon completion of work and must be rendered either before or at time of delivery.

Hourly Labor Rates

All Hand Operated Equipment:                                                         $64.95 Cash   $64.95 Check

Riding Mowers:                                                                                 $64.95 Cash   $74.95 Check

Tune Up Pricing
All Walk Behind Mowers:                                                                  $95.00  Tune Up Special Price

 Riding Mowers:                                                                                 $195.00  Tune Up Special Price

Snowblowers, Power Washers, Generators, etc.                             $95.00  Tune Up Special Price

Tune Ups include all tune up parts, labor.
Tune Ups include blade sharpening.