Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair Harmony, Maryland

Harmony, Maryland lawn mower and small engine repair services are reliable and affordable with VINCE CHRISTIAN Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair. We offer pickup and delivery for all lawn mower and small engine repair services. We service and repair all lawn mower brands and keep you cutting the grass with dependable lawn mower repair you can rely on, year after year.

VINCE CHRISTIAN also stocks parts. We carry a full line of tune up parts such as spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters. We also have many used parts and stock a wide variety of parts for all makes and models of small engine equipment. From chainsaws to generators to riding mowers, chances are we have the part you need. If we don't have your part in stock, we can get almost any part for any make or model next day. Give us a call and let us help you with the part you need!

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30 Day LIMITED Warranty whether you use your equipment or not, no exceptions. Please call or text immediately 24/7 with any issues or concerns. ALL warranty related concerns/issues must be diagnosed and repaired by us only. Any attempt to repair warranty related items on your own or by a third party VOIDS the warranty. The warranty applies to the person invoiced only and is not transferable. Always use fresh uncontaminated fuel! We do not recommend running your fuel systems empty. Instead, use a fuel stabilizer ALL year long and you MUST start and run your equipment at least every 3 weeks or more often for at least 5 minutes during the off season or extended down times. This is especially true for Snowblowers and Generators! Gasoline starts going bad within 30 days of manufacture NOT from date of purchase. Using gas over 30 days old without a stabilizer is not recommended. Store fuel containers out of the weather. Make sure they are sealed off completely! *The term "Rebuild" simply means to take apart and put back together in part or whole and does not in any way imply the use of new parts. Carburetors can go bad and leak fuel. Therefore, we always advise to keep fuel shut-off valves in the OFF position when not in use if so equipped. This is very important especially if you are storing your equipment inside an attached garage. Thank You!